Blackhawk Striker

Blackhawk Striker 2.2

Action game where you have to infiltrate and destroy all target in order to win
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Blackhawk Striker 2 is an action game developed and published by WildTangent Inc. This application takes place in the air, while you command one of the three coolest battle airships. You are a well qualified pilot who has been sent to infiltrate and destroy all targets. In order to do that, you are entitled to choose any airship and begin your journey.

During this game you will pilot your airship and defeat your enemies. You will have some complications during the journey, so watch up for enemies on the ground and in air, and attack them before they kill you. Your chopper is provided with guns, missiles, and bombs that you can use at all times. For ground attack you can use guns or bombs and for air missiles and guns. Each enemy is worth points, so the more enemies you fire, the more points you earn, if you destroy them all you get an extra bonus. Once you hit 100,000 points you gain an extra chopper

This application comes in two modes Tournament, where you compete against other pilots, and Mission, where you infiltrate and destroy all targets on the ground or in air. In order to play this game all you need are the arrow keys, space bar, shift button, and control button. This is good program for people all ages, especially those who enjoy action games, and bomb attacks.

Operating System requirements:
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista
Keyboard & mouse required

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